How we work


Over the last years our team has been working intensively on variety of different projects and gathered expertise in related areas.

We worked with:

  • CRM development
  • Utilities accounting
  • Insurance/banking
  • Ticket booking platforms
  • Healthcare
  • Lotteries and auction solutions

Our main goal is to make our service even more EFFICIENT, even more MULTIFUNCTIONAL and more CLIENT-ORIENTED. We are constantly working on making relentless improvements. We modify existing and adopt emerging practices, enrich client context and keep project specifics clear but flexible.

We focus on:

  • building close customer relationships that can grow into long-term partnerships instead of making short contract negotiations
  • stable, but flexible and adaptive environment that enables us to work in iterations that have short feedback loops and predictable work mode
  • handle projects of any size and scale, and break down even the most complex tasks into easy-to-complete pieces



Before entering the development phase, we go over client’s business needs and make brief project requirements document.


We analyze the business tools, processes and methodologies you use. We adopt the client’s approach but always share our own best practice recommendations if we believe it might be beneficial to the client.


After the client accepts the final requirements our team starts working on a project. We go over client’s business needs and make brief project requirements document. Ducks work hard!


At the end, it is the client’s decision how they want to work with us, and whether they want to accept any of our tools and processes recommendations.


What we can

Our Duck skills include: PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Redis, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, NodeJS, AngularJS, ReactJS, Vue.js, Yii 2, Laravel, Symfony. A lots of 3-d party API’s: AWS Stack, Google API, Facebook API, Mandrill API, GraphQL and many other cool things.

Our services are:

  • Full cycle web development
  • Efficient project management
  • Support
  • New life to your old solutions
  • UI/UX design
  • QA and usability audit

We are totally remote

Well, ducks - are birds. They can fly. They don't have to be in the boring office to work efficiently. Ducks love freedom.
That's why we developed a blazingly fast network of collaboration between small duck nests, to be everywhere. Our team consists of professionals, not gathered in some city by geographical criteria, but only because they are top-skilled ninjas. And we don't waste your money to build and support massive nests.

Why remote is cool

Nowadays, the world has become small as people from all over the world can reach each other and communicate with each other on the Internet. So remote teams are popular and, in our opinion, have a lot of benefits.

Have an idea? Let’s make it happen!